Fit Body Fat Loss Formula Bundle

12- Fit Body Meals
1 - Whey or Vegan Protein
1 - Everyday Fit
1 - Ageless Super Greens
1 - Fat Loss Multivitamin
1 - Heart Healthy Fish Oil

$359.00 $367.00
Step 1: Follow our 2x2x2 Formula -- The Fit Body Fat Loss Formula is built around TWO delicious Fit Body Meals, TWO great tasting TRULEAN protein shakes just TWO hours apart. Fit Body Meals are fast, convenient and ready in under 4 minutes -- designed by nutritionists these macro specific meals are nutrient dense and designed for fat loss. TRULEAN Protein is available in 4 satisfying flavors, mixes easily and keeps your body fueled all day.

Eat Two Fit Body Meals, Drink Two TRULEAN shakes, space them Two hours apart!

Step 2: Plan Your Snacks and Flex Meals -- Every week we add delicious family style recipes and desserts that are wholesome and help you burn fat on Real Healthy Recipes - make dinner your flex meal and plan your healthy snacks throughout the day.

One of the fastest ways to speed your results while curbing cravings between meals is to drink Everyday Fit -- a vitamin enhanced superwater available in 6 mouthwater flavors -- Everyday Fit encourages you to drink more water and is packed with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy metabolism, high energy and great mood!

Step 3: Eat Healthy and Burn Fat! -- Your results become automatic when healthy tastes this good! And when you cover your nutritional foundation with our Daily Fat Loss Multivitatmin, Heart Healthy Fish Oil and Ageless Super greens. Follow the formula and watch the pounds shed away!
Great tasting macro specific meals designed specifically by a team of nutritionists to fuel fat loss and keep you healthy. The meals are vacuum sealed and flash frozen in a FDA certified facility and then shipped safely and directly to your door. They cook up easily and are ready in under 4 minutes!

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Also includes your choice of great tasting protein in either 100% grass fed isolated whey or 100% plant based protein -- in four amazing flavors. Rich Dutch Chocolate, Frosted Vanilla Cake, Vegan Chocolate Brownie and Vegan Vanilla Cupcake.

One scoop twice a day and you are on track with your fitness and fat loss goals!
Say goodbye to sugary soda or drinking your calories -- stay on track all day everyday with Everyday Fit -- just add one scoop to 10-12 oz’s of water and watch your hydration habits improve! Drinking more water speeds your metabolism, boosts your mood and improves your results. This is the perfect zero sugar, low calorie treat to keep you on track with your fitness and fat loss goals!
Don’t miss your veggies! A successful Fat Loss Formula includes a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables -- we have you covered with one scoop of our great tasting Ageless Super Greens -- a nutrient dense powdered greens formula that keeps your immune system strong and healthy!
Vitamins A through Z and healthy fats keep you on track with your fitness and Fat Loss goals -- take within 30 minutes of waking up…. Our morning Multivitamin has 30 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients encapsulated in an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule -- packed full of B vitamins for natural energy, Vitamin D for strong bones and a healthy immune system and Biotin for healthy hair and nails.

30 minutes before bed our evening Fish Oil formula rounds out your day with a blend of Krill and Fish Oil -- our “no fish burp formula” packs 1,000 mgs of healthy fats that help improve heart, brain and eye health function -- all while reducing joint pain and inflammation.