Fit Body Challenge Platinum Bundle

All Natural. 100-110 Calories. Zero sugar or carbs. Easily Digestible.

$165.99 $220.99
Vegetables? You can’t outwork a bad diet -- and there is no replacement for a nutrient dense diet full of green leafy vegetables… BUT you can protect yourself with some “vegetable insurance” with a single serving of our Ageless Super Greens Formula.

One single scoop is packed with the vitamins and minerals of over a dozen organic vegetables -- each scoop is full of micro nutrients only found in fruits and vegetables and a great way to bridge the gap between “good” nutrition and “great” nutrition.

The Challenge Platinum Bundle includes your choice of great tasting protein to support your fitness and fat loss, multivitamin and fish oil designed specifically for results driven bootcampers, and our great tasting vitamin enhanced super water Everyday Fit.