This challenge resource site, combined with the information you receive from your coach, provides everything you need to be successful throughout the challenge. If you have any questions about any information on this site, please ask anyone on our team. 

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Challenge Start Date

September 20, 2021

Have you completed these 2 items?

Both are required before your coach can create your customized program.

After you signed up for the challenge, you should have received a welcome email from your location with information on how to set up the Fit Body Coaching app and a link to complete your initial evaluation. Both are required before your coach can set up your customized program inside of the app. If you did not receive a welcome email, please contact your location and ask them to (re)send the welcome email. 

Set up Fit Body Coaching App

Within 48 hours of receiving your welcome email, you will receive an email from Fit Body to download the Fit Body Coaching app and set up your account. We will be using the Fit Body Coaching app to deliver your program and provide personalized coaching and accountability. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your app. It will only take 1-2 minutes to set up your account. 


Complete Initial Evaluation

If you haven't completed the initial evaluation that was included in the welcome email from your location, be sure to complete it now by clicking the button below. 

This is not a Weight Loss Program!

If you're like most people, you don't have a problem losing weight; you have a problem keeping it off. That's because most people make losing weight way harder than it needs to be with unsustainable rules that set us up for failure from the start. Losing weight is actually quite simple.  



Getting Started Guide

Now that you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss, let's dive into the challenge materials. We'll start with the getting-started guide. 

The getting-started guide walks you through how we’re going to help you break the cycle of losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again by helping you create a sustainable plan that helps you lose fat and keep muscle without starving yourself or adhering to crazy, unsustainable rules. The getting-started guide also includes a place for you to record your weekly weight and measurements, as well as a checklist of items to complete before the challenge begins.  

Meal Planning

When it comes to meal planning, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve created 3 different ways for you to approach meal planning. There’s no right or wrong option; try them all and decide what’s right for you. When you master meal planning, you'll all but guarantee your success on the challenge and beyond, so take the time necessary to learn this valuable skill. 

Done-For-You Meal Plans

Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would just tell me what and how much to eat so I didn’t have to think about it”? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. We’ve partnered with Evolution Nutrition to create done-for-you meal plans, complete with what, and how much to eat to fit your daily calorie budget. Evolution Nutrition meal plans are created by licensed dietitians and include seven-days of meals, recipes, and a shopping list so you know exactly what to eat. You’ll find basic, high-protein, Paleo, and plant-based meal plans when you click the button below.  

The done-for-you meal plans are organized by calorie range. Please select the calorie range that fits your daily calorie budget within 100 calories. 

For example, if you need 1,342 calories per day based on the calorie budget your coach provided, you will select the 1,300-1,399 calorie range meal plan. 

If your daily calorie budget changes at any point in the challenge, you may need to select a new plan. 

Meal Plan Thought Starters

Do you ever find yourself eating the same thing over and over again because it makes meal planning easier? Are you bored with what you’re eating? If you answered yes to either question (or both!) – be sure to download our meal plan thought starters for some culinary inspiration. We’ve created 6-weeks-worth of meal plans to help take the guesswork out of “what’s for dinner?”. We’ve even created 2 ways for you to portion your meals: with your hands or by using the Meal Builder Guide. 

Meal Builder Guide

Aptly named, the Meal Builder Guide is a custom approach to meal planning. With this option, you’ll build each meal by picking a protein, carbohydrate, fat, and free vegetables from the food list included in this guide. We’ve determined the portion sizes of each based on your daily calorie budget. You simply decide what you want to eat. We show you in the guide.

Recipe Guide

After you master meal planning, add some variety to your menu by trying one of the many great recipes found in the challenge recipe guide. The protein-packed, nutrient-dense recipes can be made using easy-to-find, good-investment foods that won’t break the bank. Best of all, each recipe includes the number of calories per serving, making it super simple to stay within your daily calorie budget. 

Track your food

Now that you know how to plan your meals, it's time to learn the second thing you need to know how to do to be successful on the challenge: tracking your food. 

Food Tracking Guide

Tracking your food ensures you are in a calorie deficit, which is critical to weight loss. Tracking your food also helps build mindfulness and awareness around your food choices. And, tracking your food provides important data your coach will use to help you maximize your fat-loss results. Read more about the benefits of tracking your food in the guide. Like any skill, it takes practice to get in the habit of tracking your food. Be patient with yourself and remember, progress not perfection!

The FITBIT App Guide


The MyFitnessPal App Guide


Tracking Your Progress

When it comes to fat loss, it's important to measure your success in many ways, including weighing yourself (ideally, daily for accuracy), taking your measurements every week, and taking progress pictures throughout your fat-loss journey. Review the assets below for how to easily track and report your progress to your coach each week. 


Tracking Your Progress Guide

This guide walks you through how to track and report your progress throughout the challenge so that your coach can help you maximize your results. 

Tracking Your Body Measurements

Record your measurements and weight on this sheet every week. You will need the information to complete your weekly progress report. You will not have access to the previous week’s data in your weekly progress report, so be sure to write your information here each week.

Tracking Your Progress Pictures

Pictures are another great way to see your progress. You’ll submit your photos to your coach before the challenge begins and again in week 6. Follow these guidelines for taking your progress pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled dozens of answers to commonly-asked questions from thousands of challengers who've successfully completed this exact program. If you don't see an answer to a question you have in the FAQ guide, be sure to ask anyone on our team. 

We're all here to help you succeed. 

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