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Taste Testing Setup & Resources

We recommend the following tools to set up your tastings for a membership base of 300 clients: 

This is a 3 week sampling strategy designed to... 

1) Educate your clients in a way that reassures them on why they can TRUST these products. 

2) Empower your clients to experience the benefits of these products so that buying becomes a no-brainer. 

3) Give YOU the time to truly understand our supplement system and see how it weaves together to create the ultimate results-driven lifestyle and add a powerful new revenue stream to your business. 

So to get started, simply download the asset packs below! There's one pack per week, and each one includes a step-by-step guide along with all the resources you need for a successful tasting.


- RENEW - EveryDay Fit 

- RECHARGE - Pre-Workout 


- RENEW - EveryDay Fit 

- RECHARGE - Pre-Workout 


- RENEW - EveryDay Fit 

- RECHARGE - Pre-Workout 

FBBC Approved Supplement Handbook

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Vitality Bundle Resources

Step 1: Read the Bundle Link and Learn about the products we are selling 

Step 2: Read the talking points, conversation starters, and video script Ideas. 

Step 3: Setup your 10% off Coupon Code 

Please contact to set up your unique affiliate code for this bundle. ex: FBBCCH-VB10 

Step 4: Print Handout and Signage (edit handout with affiliate code) 

Step 5: Buy an Apple! 

Send your clients directly to the site, let us do the education for you and earn, 20-30% commission for setting a rotting apple on your countertop.

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