Congratulations! Welcome to the 21-Day Summer Jumpstart Program!

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Now, before you go, I have one more extremely important message for you...

FACT: research shows 75% of people fail in their health and fitness goals because of ONE specific factor that has nothing to do with diet or exercise.

For those people (and maybe you) this factor causes weight gain, bloating, inflammation, and sluggishness...


Because what I'm about to share with you will take that one factor...

…and FLIP IT so it becomes YOUR key to success in creating the body of your dreams.

And not only requires no extra effort on your part. It will become a habit that makes your Summer Jumpstart so much easier and more powerful.

Why? Two reasons.

The first reason is that it will take no more than 60 seconds of your day to use.

The second reason is the striking benefits that kick off right away and only get better over time!

Within the first 24 hours…

  • Feel lighter and find relief from that painful pinch in the waistline.
  • Experience fewer and less intense cravings for harmful, sugary foods.
  • Curb appetite so that each meal is just enough to fuel the body without overeating.

And over the full 21 days of the program...

  • Shake off unwanted pounds faster and with less time commitment than ever before.
  • Tighten the hips, belly, and thighs -- and eliminate the jiggles!
  • Curb appetite so that each meal is just enough to fuel the body without overeating.

This is not another lecture about why you need to drink more water.

Who has time to chug 9 cups of boring, plain water every day? How is anyone supposed to keep track of it when you have so many other things to worry about?

I’m not here to judge you or talk down to you.

I understand.

Your health and fitness journey is an emotional journey too -- not just a physical one. The issue is not what you KNOW about water but how you FEEL about water.

So, when we talk about “flipping the switch” here -- it’s not about piling on more data.

It’s about transforming water itself so you fall in love with it and WANT to get all the water you need.

We’re “flipping the switch” on it with the power of...

...the world’s first ever water enhancer that is ZERO sugar, totally delicious, and even healthier than plain water!

That's right: Everyday Fit SURPASSES water because…

  • It comes in two fruity flavors that taste like juice but count as water!
  • It activates the body’s metabolism so fat burns faster, muscles get toned, and energy abounds.
  • YOU control food instead of FOOD controlling you -- thanks to the custom blend of super ingredients that boost the appetite-curbing, craving-killing power of water.
  • It includes biotin, which is a crucial -- but often overlooked -- vitamin. Biotin helps convert food into energy and helps skin stay supple and young.
  • The Mood & Satiety Blend -- along with the vitamin B12 -- inspire more positive and stable moods throughout the day.

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