Shanna Crane Went From Only Wearing One Pair Of Pants For 2 Years To Feeling Confident To Wear Whatever She Wants
Shanna Crane Went From Only Wearing One Pair Of Pants For 2 Years To Feeling Confident To Wear Whatever She Wants
Apr 13 2020 — Mindset


Have you ever wanted to look in the mirror and say, "Wow, you're awesome"?

Shanna Crane did too.

She wanted her clothes to stop feeling tighter and tighter. She wasn't used to this at all. Her entire life, she had been fit and in shape but...

She had gained 40 lbs. in less than a year and was only wearing one pair of pants. The only pair that would fit her.

Shanna's story is something special because it takes a special kind of person to do what she did. Before we tell you why you need to know what Shanna has persevered through.

It's inspiring and will give you goosebumps.

Like we said earlier, Shanna had always been fit and in shape. So why did she gain 40 lbs. in less than a year? This happened because her 9-week old infant had gotten pneumonia and had to be in the ICU. To be closely monitored.

Her baby's airway was damaged from multiple respiratory viruses. Struggling to breathe. 

These health problems continued for the next 2 years. Along with the sleepless nights. Back to back doctor visits. The medical bills kept piling up with no end in sight.

And if it wasn't bad enough, her role model and hero passed away. Her grandfather. This sent Shanna into a deep depression, causing her to eat. 

Food was her comfort. She didn't care about what she was eating anymore.

After being depressed and not caring about what she ate, her health began to suffer. It got so bad that she ended up in the hospital on Christmas.

The Christmas health scare was Shanna's wake up call. She told herself, "No more! My kids and my husband deserve better than this. I deserve better than this."

After her realization, she joined Fit Body Boot Camp and started a 6-week challenge. She got results but not the ones she was looking for. Within a few weeks, she gave up. 

"I went 3-5 days a week but got frustrated because I was not getting the results I wanted. I was blind to think that I could work out, eat whatever I wanted (Mexican food 3-4 times a week), and see results."

But this little setback didn't stop her though. Towards the end of 2018, she decided to give the challenge another shot. And this time, she would go all-in with her nutrition with these four goals:

  1. WIN. 
  2. Lose 30 + pounds. 
  3. Work out at Fit Body every day of the Challenge and 
  4. Make her husband and boys proud.

And she did just that. 

It wasn't easy, but she did it. When she faced the setbacks - which will happen, it's called life - she remembered her why:

"I want my boys to look at me and know that their Mama is a fighter. I want my 2-year-old to know that he got his fight to live from his Mama. I want my boys to know that they are my motivation to change and to do better, and I want them to be proud of their Mama."

Shanna also dialed in her nutrition, so instead of drinking coke zero every day, and eating Mexican food multiples times a week. She went to only drinking water and journaling everything she ate.

By remembering her "why" when times get tough and dialing her nutrition. She was able to lose 32.2 lbs and win the challenge. And she's no longer wearing that ONE pair of pants. They're too big for her. Now Shanna has a new wardrobe.

We asked her why she wanted to win the challenge so badly, and this was her response:

"I did it because I am a fighter, and I am a Beast, and Fit Body Boot camp taught me that."

She's right!!! She is a fighter and a beast. We're more than confident that her kids are proud of her. 

We're proud of her. 

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