Self Love
Self Love
Feb 6 2020 — Mindset

We’ve all heard of the term “self-love”, but what does it actually mean? 


Self-love is crucial for a well-balanced life and it can influence everything from whom you choose to spend your time with to how you cope with the problems in your life. It isn’t just a state of feeling good that comes from a spa day or a shopping spree, it’s a state of appreciation for oneself that GROWS from actions that support our physical, psychological, and emotional/spiritual growth.  Some cool facts: as our self-love expands, we are actually more accepting of our weaknesses, have more compassion for ourselves, are more centered in our life purpose and values, and expect fulfillment through our OWN efforts, not someone else’s. 


So, how do we practice self-love? 


  • Become mindful: be mindful of who you are and what you need and act on that knowledge, rather than on what others may want for you.
  • Act on what you need rather than what you want: you show yourself love when you can say “no” to something that’s exciting and feels good in exchange for something that you need in order to stay strong, centered, and moving forward in your life.  By staying focused on what you need, you’re less likely to revert to behavior patterns that might get you into trouble. 
  • Practice good self-care: nourish yourself daily through healthy activities such as nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, and healthy social interactions. 
  • Set boundaries: you’ll love yourself more when you set limits and learn how to say no to things that bring you down.
  • Protect yourself: surround yourself with the right people.  Your vibe attracts your tribe!
  • Forgive yourself: more often than not, we can be so hard on ourselves.  We’re human and we have to accept that before we can truly love ourselves.  Practice giving yourself a little extra grace and not being so hard on yourself when you make a mistake and always be patient with yourself.
  • Celebrate yourself: no matter how small the victory, acknowledge it and give yourself praise!
  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone: there’s nothing like the feeling of achieving something you didn’t know or think you could.
  • Live intentionally: when you live with purpose, you will naturally accept and love yourself more.  Nothing has to be set in stone or 100% clear, but if your intention is to live a meaningful and healthy life, you will be more likely to make decisions that support this intention, rendering even more self-love.


Self-love improves all areas of life for us, it’s like a domino effect.  So, put these things into practice and just watch how things start to change for you!  You may even inspire and encourage others in your life to do the same!