Mind-blowing Weight loss and life lesson...
Mind-blowing Weight loss and life lesson...
Feb 19 2020 — Mindset

A philosophy professor once stood in front of his class with a large empty mason jar. 


He filled the jar to the top with rocks and asked his students if the jar was “full.”


The students said yes.


He then added pebbles to the jar and shook it so the pebbles could disperse between the rocks.


Then he asked again, “Is the jar full?”


The students, again, said yes.


The professor then poured sand into the jar to fill up any remaining space. The students then agreed the jar was completely full.


The professor went on to explain... 


The rocks represent everything in your life that is a MUST. Without these things, your life falls apart. That includes your family, your loved ones, your career, and of course your health.


The pebbles are the things that are important, but you could live without. This might include hobbies, certain friendships, and social commitments.


The sand represents everything that is trivial -- literally filler. This could include scrolling through Facebook, reading tabloids, or hanging around with negative people.


The trick in life is to always put the “rocks” in FIRST. If you put the pebbles or sand in first, it leaves no room for the rocks...



I wanted to share this little life lesson with you because I was just re-reading it and I realized it’s a perfect metaphor for your DIET as well as your life choices.


See, most people have way too much “sand” in their diets. This means empty calories from high sugar, highly processed, artificial foods with zero nutritional value.


And really, most people stop there. They don’t even really get the “pebbles” which are the vitamins and minerals they need for consistent weight loss and high energy.


But the MOST IMPORTANT THING in your diet -- the “rocks” -- are your healthy fats, fiber, carbs, and protein. 


Out of those four, most people are only getting HALF the protein they need, according to the international scholarly journal, Nutrients.


So, let’s talk about protein.


Research overwhelmingly shows that HIGH PROTEIN diets are the key to maximum weight loss and body toning. 


In fact, the benefits of a high protein diet affect every area of life -- just look at this short list of the ways higher protein diets lead to greater health, beauty, and vitality:

  • Boost the metabolism for faster, long-lasting weight loss results
  • Control the appetite by improving satiety (AKA feeling full) and killing cravings
  • Support and protect fat-torching lean muscle
  • Enhance muscle strength (but not make muscles bulky)
  • Help post-exercise recovery, beat soreness, and enjoy that post-workout glow
  • Keep a strong metabolic rate with age -- and even reverse certain age-related symptoms
  • Maintain a slender, toned body that blasts through calories even during sleep
  • Aid glycemic control for more stable energy throughout the day
  • Improve markers of heart health for a long and happy life.
  • And more! 




The big question I always get from clients is…


“When should I take my protein?”


The short answer is that you should have a serving of protein roughly every 2.5 hours until you’ve reached your daily intake goal.


And to calculate your protein intake goal is really simple…


Just take your desired weight in pounds and convert that number to grams.


So if your goal is to weigh 150 lb, you need 150 grams of protein per day -- easy!


Now, getting all that protein from food sources alone can be extremely difficult. 


Especially since all meats (even lean meats) contain some amount of fat. Getting all that protein from food alone can quickly throw your diet out of whack.


The obvious answer here is to supplement with a high quality, zero sugar, low fat, zero net carb protein shake so you can keep your protein high all day long for maximum fat burning and energy.


Oh, and did I mention how DELICIOUS that protein shake will be when you use TruLean Whey Isolate Protein Powder?


It comes in 2 craveable dessert flavors -- Frosted Vanilla Cake and Rich Dutch Chocolate -- and with ZERO net carbs, ZERO sugar, close to ZERO fat, and with only 100 calories per serving…


You can and should enjoy your protein shake guilt-free between meals.


It’s not going to throw off your diet even though it tastes even better than your favorite drive-thru milkshake (with the same thick, creamy texture to boot!)


In fact, it’s only going to nourish your muscles with the cleanest, most powerful protein they need to transform into lean, fat-torching machines!


And once you hit a 30 day streak of getting those in-between-meal shakes…


...which won’t be hard, because they taste incredible and satisfy any cravings you might have…


Then your protein intake will become a HABIT, just like the 3 meals per day you probably eat already.


At that point, you won’t even have to think about your weight loss.


The unwanted pounds will slide off and a lean, toned, new figure will reveal itself. 


Weight loss will become “automatic” in the sense that you don’t have to force yourself to do it -- it’s just a natural result of your daily actions. 


Of course, that’s assuming you have a good workout and nutrition plan in place -- or even the BEST weight loss workout like they offer at your local Fit Body Boot Camp.


...although even if you don’t, setting this one high protein habit will already start to make a difference in your life.


And when you’re ready to commit to the fitness transformation you desire, you’ll have all the energy, strength and confidence you need to make it happen!


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Supporting your healthy habits,




Erin Alejandrino