Important Message for the COVID 19 Quarantine
Important Message for the COVID 19 Quarantine
Mar 17 2020 — Health

It struck me last night when I visited my local grocery store and I saw first hand the impact of this virus. 


The shelves were nearly empty of canned foods, bottle water, paper goods and other non-perishables -- frozen foods were cleared out, so was the cheese, butter, and milk and all that was left was some sad-looking produce. 


I ended up visiting three stores last night to stock up on enough food to get the recommended stockpile for a two-week quarantine… it was slim pickings and my options were canned and processed foods, some old produce, bread, and some frozen shrimp -- not exactly a well balanced nutritional foundation that promotes a healthy immune system. 


I stared at my shopping cart feeling the anxiety of a three-hour shopping experience and remember feeling somewhat disgusted. 


“This may be enough food -- but it's far from healthy.”


If you’ve been following the news on the viral outbreak you’ve probably heard that the virus most negatively impacts those with compromised or weak immune systems -- the very young, the elderly and the “not so healthy”. 


What struck me last night is that nobody has said those with healthy immune systems won’t get the virus -- just that they have a greater chance of recovering and not getting severely sick. 


Since there is no vaccine yet, and staying inside forever is not realistic -- the reality is we all will likely be exposed to the virus -- and a healthy immune system will be our best defense. 


With the nation in panic and stocking up on sanitizer and toilet paper -- canned and processed foods, very few people are stressing the importance of a healthy immune system and the need to protect yourself from the inside out. 


Here at TruLean Nutrition we want to support you and your family in the way that we think is best -- from the inside out with healthy, nutritious, vitamin-packed supplements that promote strong immune function, lean muscle and a balanced diet. 


Our products are all-natural, contain zero artificial sugars or sweeteners and come with a standard two-year shelf life -- just scoop, shake and enjoy a well balanced nutritional treat all day every day.


If you are stocking up for the likely quarantine I suggest you don’t overlook the importance of a high-quality protein. 


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It may come in handy if things get much worse. 


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Supporting your healthy habits,


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