How Being
How Being "Pregnant" Jumpstarted Jordan's Inspiring Health Transformation
Apr 13 2020 — Health


"When is YOUR baby coming out of your belly, dad?" 

This was a bomb for Jordan Thomas because his wife was 6-months pregnant. And his 3-year old son thought he was gonna get two new siblings.

For a dad, this is embarrassing. And like any other dad, they would have laughed this off, or cracked some dad joke. But not Jordan. He's not like the other dads.

He's an amazing father of seven, a wrestler, an ex-amateur bull rider, and a farmer. A farmer who works 12 hour days, making sure he's able to provide for his family. A true example of being a man's man.

But something was eating at Jordan's happiness. His weight.

He was morbidly obese and struggled to wrestle with his boys. Take his daughters out on dates. Or spend quality time with his wife. He had no energy and was always tired.

After his son mistook him for being pregnant, he decided to change all that. And signed up for the NYNY 8-week challenge at Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC).

Excited to get started, Jordan showed up for weigh-ins and pictures and almost gave up.

"I was embarrassed with myself when we had to weigh in and get pictures. If I had not already signed an agreement, I would have walked back out the door. "

But Jordan couldn't, he made a commitment to himself that he would make his family proud. He was doing this for them.

"I did the early session at 5:30 am which meant a 4:00 am wake-up time. I needed their support and accountability or that schedule would have failed me."

Waking at 4 am is hard for mere mortals, and Jordan did this every day. 

Why? Because he was waking up with a purpose. The purpose of bettering himself. The purpose is to set an example for his kids. The purpose of being a great husband.

Now with his old habits being uprooted. Especially his water drinking habits.

"Even incorporating the water was a huge game-changer for me. I have never drunk so much water in my life. Now I need it! I prefer it!"

With his habits being changed and drinking more water. Jordan has lost over 36.2 lbs.

He's now healthier, has more energy, and is spending more time with his family. Jordan, you're amazing for what you've been able to accomplish. And this is only the beginning. 

If you want to get similar or better results than Jordan, you're gonna need to drink more water. And not your regular water. 

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