Aaron Firebaugh lost 115lbs And Inspired A Community
Aaron Firebaugh lost 115lbs And Inspired A Community
Apr 2 2020 — Health

Aaron Firebaugh has lost 115 lbs since finding his second home at Clayton FBBC.

Aaron's story is something only a select few can accomplish, and we're beyond proud of him.

You may think that losing 115 lbs and finding a second home at FBBC was easy for Aaron, but that's far from the truth. 

Before, Aaron became an inspiration to thousands of members within the FBBC community.

He was celebrating his eight years of marriage with his amazing wife. Raising two wonderful children, a boy, and a girl, and was enjoying being very active in his community with his church and being an Educator and High School Coach. Then tragedy struck.

"In September of 2013 when my wife went to wake our 3-year-old daughter and found her not breathing in her bed. Cameron was a normal, happy, healthy, beautiful, and perfect in every way little girl, and just like that, she was taken from us." 

With this sudden tragedy, Aaron turned to food for comfort, and to hide the pain. Which led him to top the scale at 381 lbs. Forcing him to take daily blood pressure medication.

Facing some serious health problems. He was looking for things to change. FAST.

And that's when Aaron discovered FBBC and decided to join the tribe.

"You don't just get workouts at FBBC; you get structure, support, community, culture, group morale, changes in mindset, and a new tribe!"

To hold himself accountable, Aaron would do this:

"I listed all of my 'whys' on there along with a chart to track my progress. My wife and oldest son signed my agreement to allow me to purchase a Jeep (that I have wanted for years) after I reached my 1st weight loss goal of 100 lbs. "

Using things like accountability and rewards will help you accomplish your goals. Use these two things to your advantage.

And one more important thing: Don't forget that you have a community here to support you.

Daniel and Scot, the co-owners of the Clayton FBBC location, were phenomenal in helping Aaron with his journey. Aaron knew from the start that they had that "it factor" that would make all the difference.

So with the accountability and support of a community. Aaron has now dropped several pant sizes and belt loops. He's hitting home runs on his church's softball team. Enjoying basketball again. Getting several compliments a day. And is feeling more confident at work!

And his favorite moment with his amazing transformation is this:

"When I hugged my wife one afternoon and realized that, for the first time in years, she could now put her arms all the way around me."

It's stories and transformations like these that make us want to go the extra mile for our FBBC community. We're so grateful to have people like Aaron inspire us.

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